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Twinings Calming Camomile (20 Teebeutel)

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Twinings Calming Camomile Tea (20 teabags)

A delicate aromatic infusion with relaxing properties.
It's the camomile pollen heads used  in this infusion that give it its uniquely subtle taste with delicate floral hints and beautiful sunny golden colour. It's naturally caffeine free and has no added sugar, so it's ideal for drinking when you want to wind down at the end of the day.

At Twinings, we believe the secret of creating great taste lies in the ingredients you choose to work with. That's why we've used all natural ingredients and nothing else in our green and white teas and all our infusions. That means no artificial flavours - just the real thing.

Made in the UK


Artikel-Nr. 100499
Herkunft english
Eigenschaften Nein
Grundeinheit 100g
Zutaten Kamille.
Nährwertangaben Nein
Hinweise Nein


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